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Date: 24/05/2018

After 7 years of the greatest short movie madness the good guys from "VIDEO RODEO" asked me to design a new logo for them. The brief was simple: - Should be typographical - Include a cactus - Keep our color palatte - Make it great :-) They saw a piece I posted on my Instagram, which they really liked. So the idea, where this was going was already shaped in my mind. I started researching and sketching around.
A few iterations later I had the final look of the logo. I made the O of video and of rodeo the connector of the two words. This made it possible to enlarge it in size and place an iconographic cactus inside of it. The actual event was so amazing! Sadly I could only stay for the first half of it. The Short-Movies were so good and the atmosphere of the classic movie theatre was mind blowing. Thanks to the whole VIDEO RODEO team for the trust and being cool as fuck! Keep it up guys!

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